Tuesday, 25 June 2013

To market to market...

Just a reminder that the Auckland Art and Craft Fair is THIS SATURDAY, the 29th of June from 11am to 3pm at the Aotea Centre, Auckland Central and it only takes a gold coin to gain entrance. I'll have some new prints, postcards and greeting cards and hopefully a couple of zines too. Come say hi!

ALSO, I'm going to have a spot at the Auckland Zinefest where I will definitely have some zines and some other thingos AND my talented sister Sara is going to read some of her short stories, so now you have two reasons to come.

AND I'm slowly working on my Etsy store, so recluses and international friends don't have to miss out. That can be found here.

And finally, here are some images of my stuff at Eyeball Kicks in Wellington. They framed one of my prints for a customer, lookin sharp!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Pink nudes and blue skulls

I went along to a life drawing club last week, did these little paintings based on my sketches. I hadn't done any life drawing in YEARS, it was really nice to get back into it.

Then I felt like painting/drawing more nudes so I did Botticelli's Venus. It's hard to see but she's saying "chuck us a towel would ya?". Haw haw.

Skull lols.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Got some 'esplaining to do..

I realised after I finished my 'bon voyage girl' that she looked fairly derivative of 50s/60s Charles Addams-esque imagery, someone looking at it might conclude that I just copied an old image. While I love Charles Addams' work I haven't looked at his stuff for a while, his work, like many others sits in the visual influences soup in my brain, at times sloshing out onto the page. I also get such a kick out of making images which look older, a sort of lust for the 'timelessness' of these images (more accurately a mid-20th-centuryness). So I thought I'd include the evolution of this image, to assuage myself a little, besides I always enjoy having a window onto illustrator's & artist's processes. 

I wanted to paint a bon voyage image and remembered this old flyer for a party I'd done back in 2007 celebrating my birthday and my sister's departure to Spain. 
At this time I was really into Edward Gorey and using fine nibbed ink pens. I liked how the figure was leaving the scene, pretty apt for a bon voyage card. 

So I did some sketching, thinking about having the figure leave through a door, I didn't know what to do with the other arm so conveniently ignored it.
Re-worked the image again, I envisioned the line cropping the figure as the edge of the card.

Another sketch, this time with two arms.
The finished image. 

Aaaand then I did a boy version too...
Took a while to get those legs right.

Bon voyage!

Been working on some 'Bon voyage' card designs, girl and boy versions. The phrase 'bon voyage' always makes me think of Yacco from animaniacs, saying it 'bon voy-a-gee'. 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Aloe there!

In this last weekend passed I had a great desire to paint an aloe vera plant, I think form seeing one when I was out walking. This is what I came up with. Because I was just painting from google images it might not be that botanically correct. And because it was too big to scan I had to take photos of it, so the colours look a bit weird. 
Trying to find something to do with it now...