Thursday, 13 June 2013

Got some 'esplaining to do..

I realised after I finished my 'bon voyage girl' that she looked fairly derivative of 50s/60s Charles Addams-esque imagery, someone looking at it might conclude that I just copied an old image. While I love Charles Addams' work I haven't looked at his stuff for a while, his work, like many others sits in the visual influences soup in my brain, at times sloshing out onto the page. I also get such a kick out of making images which look older, a sort of lust for the 'timelessness' of these images (more accurately a mid-20th-centuryness). So I thought I'd include the evolution of this image, to assuage myself a little, besides I always enjoy having a window onto illustrator's & artist's processes. 

I wanted to paint a bon voyage image and remembered this old flyer for a party I'd done back in 2007 celebrating my birthday and my sister's departure to Spain. 
At this time I was really into Edward Gorey and using fine nibbed ink pens. I liked how the figure was leaving the scene, pretty apt for a bon voyage card. 

So I did some sketching, thinking about having the figure leave through a door, I didn't know what to do with the other arm so conveniently ignored it.
Re-worked the image again, I envisioned the line cropping the figure as the edge of the card.

Another sketch, this time with two arms.
The finished image. 

Aaaand then I did a boy version too...
Took a while to get those legs right.

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