Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Chrizzmas presents

For my almost 3 year old second cousin, Rio. I got it laminated because gouache isn't the most hardy of materials to have around a little one. She actually is very cool too, she loves to do high fives and cheers people and to dance and sing along to Michael Jackson's Bad.
This one is for my mum.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Watercolour high fives

These two are in High Fives, the last show at the High Fives, I did them the night before and morning of the day of installation so they're a bit rushed. I've got to credit my friend Paolo for telling me about Gef the talking mongoose, planning on doing another more elaborate one of him soon. Check out Paolo's amazing stuff here, hold onto your eyeballs! 
More about Gef including some wonderful quotes can be found here and more about the fantastic Big Grey Man here and at various other internet locations.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

High Fives!

This is the last exhibition at The High Seas, I've got mixed feelings about closing down, its a bittersweet mix of dread and relief. 
I did this poster but I'm not too keen on it, was a bit of a rushed job. 
The exhibition is up until the 18th but we'll be open right up till christmas, with bigger and bigger discounts on all our lovely books and records.

More photos from Ghoul Friends

'Ghoul Friends'
Gouache on paper

Left to right: 'Old Man', 'Dame Savage', 'Old Woman' 
All oil on board

'Wild Emily'
Edition of 30

Gouache on paper

'Industrious Ghosts'
Gouache on paper

Gouache on paper

'Bone Structure'
Watercolour on paper

Watercolour on paper

Watercolour on paper

'Realm of the Pharaoh'
Watercolour on paper

Left to right: 'Pink Pyramid', 'Tailed', Fox Head', Blue Stump'  
Acrylic on Clay

'Little Red'
Gouache on paper

Watercolour on paper

Watercolour on paper

'Blue Somni'
Gocco print
Edition of 25

Watercolour on paper

Left to Right: 'Pink Stump', 'Blue Pyramid'
Acrylic on Clay

Edition of 30

'Red Cap'
Gouache on paper

'Sleeping Ghost'
Gouache on paper

 Left to right: 'Yellow Pyramid, 'Blues'
Acrylic on Clay

'Jung mit Fuchs'
Gouache and watercolour on paper

'Harbinger Hound'
Ink on paper

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Sexybitions + bad jokes

Just thought I should let y'all know that my High Seas exhibition is up until Thursday the 2nd of Dec so you've only got a few days left to see it, pictures will be coming soon, go and buy tons of stuff, you won't regret it!!
Also Bowl me over opened on Thurs and will be up until the 12th of Dec, I'm in the show as Sophie Watson just to confuse everyone.

I don't have any new pictures to share so here are some of last nights bad jokes:

What is a male moose called?

What is the most popular tv show among penguins in this country?
New Zealand's Next Top Waddle.

What is the fear of the French capital?

Which geometric shape is also a famous film director?
Sphere Coppola.

What did Jesus change his name to after his sex change?

And new from today:

What is it called when your foot falls asleep?

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Studio pics

 Well its not all my work here, that print on the top left is by Robert Sly and on the top right is one by Becky Dreistadt from her Tigerbuttah exhibition
That mask on the far right I found on the street, I've been haunted ever since by a jovial no-face.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Piles of prints

There's 110 of these babies to be editioned. The pink and blue ones were done with a gocco with the help of Miss Millicent Crow. Gocco's are wonderful things! The other ones I got printed at Signs 'n' Stuff Screenprinting in Ellerslie. 

Capsize poster inspiration

As promised, here's the poster and the two main poster inspirers:

Chuck Berry & the Drifters for $2.00!! Swoon.