Friday, 27 February 2009


Boy/Fox Bag (other side)

Boy/Fox Bag

Lady/Witch Bag (other side)

Lady/Witch Bag

Man/Orgre Bag (other side)

Man/Ogre Bag

Some Paintings

Chek Lap Kok Captives.

Heathrow Captives.

Frankfurt Captive.

I also showed some gouache paintings of simian folk which were based on sketches I'd done in airports last year.
Please excuse the poor quality of the photos, even with the help of a tripod I'm still a bit shonky at it, they're full of reflections, arg!


This is a diorama I made, my first! and it has LEDs inside (and a monster). It was very tricky to photograph because I wanted the forest to be quite dim. The monster is made of REAL HUMAN HAIR and plastic eyes.

Inventing Characters Exhibition.

Here's a panorama of the show Inventing Characters at Cross Street Studios open next week until Thurs the 5th of March, 1-6pm.
Aleks did a wonderful job with the flyer, as always.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

A new day dawns....

Yay! I thought this was an appropriate first image on my first blog. Got to dash off now, I'll put up images from my latest exhibition soon.