Tuesday, 31 August 2010

I saw a sign..

This sign has been half finished for about 4 months but now its finally upright and outside, hurrah. I painted it and my dad assembled it.
Seaweed look.. familiar?

Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Ok, so I REALLY like cheese. 
I'm also really enjoying using these tombo pens, they've got me thinking about using colour to define shape and layering colours to make new ones, useful because I'm planning on doing some screen prints for my show at The High Seas in November.
But back to the cheese, if you want to try the BEST cheese in NZ order some from here http://www.evansdalecheese.co.nz/
Their Tania is dreamy, your mouth will fall in love.

The almost last poster

We haven't done the announce for this gig yet...sshhhh!
I did the bones of this drawing years ago then fiddled around with it and added some colour, hey presto!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Ancient castle T-Shirt

Up close

And from afar (with hat!)

The image on the shirt is something I drew about 6 years ago and put on a screen maybe a year ago and finally printed a few weeks ago. Its been an epic quest but I think its been worth it. Black print on white coming soon (maybe even this year!). Just be patient.

Not only that but I made a sweet castle font to go with it.

The back of the tag might get reincarnated as a business card. 
One day.