Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Aloe there!

In this last weekend passed I had a great desire to paint an aloe vera plant, I think form seeing one when I was out walking. This is what I came up with. Because I was just painting from google images it might not be that botanically correct. And because it was too big to scan I had to take photos of it, so the colours look a bit weird. 
Trying to find something to do with it now...


  1. Hello Sophie :) I really like this aloe! My bf and I live on this stuff through summer (including STOP THE CAR!! screaming moments, to fetch some roadside goodness for our skin) did you have some of these at the market? I hope to see some pics of your stall xx twas a busy day - I hope you had mucho fun. Nice to see you again.

  2. Oh thanks! I didn't bring this along, didn't have anywhere to put it, still figuring out my display. Had a great time at the market though, how was your stall? Didn't even get a proper chance to look around.