Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The wonder wares - purchases and trades from the Auckland Zinefest

I didn't even get a proper look around, being tied to my table but there was tons of great stuff at this years Zinefest, here's a few treasures I gleaned.

The ridiculously talented Buzzferkchurnt selling his hand coloured prints at crazy low prices

And again

On the left: Seeing With Closed Eyes by Liam Bowen
On the Right: Geo by Angeline Chirnside

Liam draws funny comics of his weird dreams

Angeline's Geo is full of fascinating conversations on geodesic domes, NZ history, communist architecture, laughter crystals and fan fiction.

Health, Wealth and Happiness, "a found-art nightmare catalogue"
Highly saturated de and re-assembled ephemera

New surprises on each page

A wonder to behold

I am slowly amassing a collection of 'Let Me Be Franks'
They are soo addictive

Monday, 29 July 2013

AKL Zinefest 2013 - wares

Saturday the 27th of July was the Auckland zinefest held in the beautiful, crowded St. Kevin's arcade. I was next to the talented Laing sisters, Sarah and Melissa
I took this photo from the design assembly site, more photos of the day over there

My sister was also represented on my table, I illustrated a story she wrote, which tied with Stop Being A Pud for best literary zine, wa-hoo! 

I also designed the layout, love the combination of French blue and white.

Shorty remains unimpressed by my efforts.

Another of my zines, this one bursting with crude puns. It was my top selling zine but that might have been because it came with a FREE 'cool shit' sticker.

You ain't nothing but a hot dog - more terrible jokes

And lastly I finally illustrated my Mr. Celery poem, which is about 5 years old now.

 I always get this line in my head when I eat celery: 
'String and water in a tube/is not such sustaining food'

Zinefest Octopus part III & IV

My final two illustrations for Presence Zine's Auckland Zinefest spotlight.
The lower one is reading 'Incredibly hot sex with hideous sea creatures' a play on the long standing Wellington zine 'Incredibly hot sex with hideous people'.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

P.B. & Celery

I finally got around to illustrating my short poem 'Mr. Celery', which I wrote some years ago on a sleepless night in a windowless room in Edinburgh. 
His debut will be at the AKL zinefest, the 27th of July in St Kevin's arcade. 
This painting didn't make it into the zine, wrong orientation.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Octo-zine Part II

Here's my 2nd zine themed octopi for Presence Zine's Q & A with the AKL zinefest stall holders.
It's a bit too small to see but she's making a zine about why you should never date a hermit crab. More fun with limited colour palettes.
Read the A's to the Q's here

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

In todays mail...

Finally got my hands on a copy of the first issue of Diverse City, with my cover design and winter themed illustration. It also features an interview with me by the editor, Tina Helm. Got a bit of a blush on in the photo, hah, photo shoots are weird. 
Info about how you can order a (free) copy here.

Wolf in (designer) sheep's clothing

This illustration accompanies a great article about "the sad state of fashion blogs today – controlled and curated by designers yet presented as if they are the efforts of, and accessible to, the girl-next-door". You can read it here

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Special agent

My final announcement for tonight is that I am now represented by the Sandra Morris Illustration Agency and if you want proof you can look here. My real last name is Watson, I've been lying to you all this time.
And if you want to employ me to work on a children's book please contact them! But if you want to employ me for any other jobs email me at sophieoiseau (at) gmail (dot) com.

My 'Presence'

I was asked by Presence magazine to do some octopi-zine themed illustrations, how can I resist?
Here's the first one, finished this afternoon and due to the lightning quick nature of the internet it is already online as you can see here 
                                        and here

Q & A with Vanguard Red

I forgot all about this, but here's a quick Q & A with the lovely folks at Vanguardred. 


Well I forgot to mention the opening of Alphabet, but it is now up and you an see it until the 13th of July. You can buy an individual letter of a limited edition boxed set of cards, if you so fancy.

Fair wares

Here's some pics of my stall at the Auckland Art & Craft fair, it was a pretty good day! 
I'm slowly putting these wares on some online marketplaces, as I mentioned last time, I have an etsy store now so eventually things you see here will apear there.