Monday, 29 July 2013

AKL Zinefest 2013 - wares

Saturday the 27th of July was the Auckland zinefest held in the beautiful, crowded St. Kevin's arcade. I was next to the talented Laing sisters, Sarah and Melissa
I took this photo from the design assembly site, more photos of the day over there

My sister was also represented on my table, I illustrated a story she wrote, which tied with Stop Being A Pud for best literary zine, wa-hoo! 

I also designed the layout, love the combination of French blue and white.

Shorty remains unimpressed by my efforts.

Another of my zines, this one bursting with crude puns. It was my top selling zine but that might have been because it came with a FREE 'cool shit' sticker.

You ain't nothing but a hot dog - more terrible jokes

And lastly I finally illustrated my Mr. Celery poem, which is about 5 years old now.

 I always get this line in my head when I eat celery: 
'String and water in a tube/is not such sustaining food'

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