Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The wonder wares - purchases and trades from the Auckland Zinefest

I didn't even get a proper look around, being tied to my table but there was tons of great stuff at this years Zinefest, here's a few treasures I gleaned.

The ridiculously talented Buzzferkchurnt selling his hand coloured prints at crazy low prices

And again

On the left: Seeing With Closed Eyes by Liam Bowen
On the Right: Geo by Angeline Chirnside

Liam draws funny comics of his weird dreams

Angeline's Geo is full of fascinating conversations on geodesic domes, NZ history, communist architecture, laughter crystals and fan fiction.

Health, Wealth and Happiness, "a found-art nightmare catalogue"
Highly saturated de and re-assembled ephemera

New surprises on each page

A wonder to behold

I am slowly amassing a collection of 'Let Me Be Franks'
They are soo addictive

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