Sunday, 26 May 2013

Fan art

There's an episode of Seinfield where George tries to combine his favourite activities, eating food and having sex. I have recently discovered the joys of sketching while watching tv.

Done while watching 60s Star Trek, it has the best colour palettes and sets and lighting. A feast for the eyeballs. In this episode Kirk teaches an alien girl about beauty and love.

"You're beautiful"
"What is...'beautiful'?"
haw haw haw

To be read in your best Dobby voice.


  1. I've just started to love drawing in front of the telly too, it's such great multitasking! Much better than George Costanza's idea of multitasking!

  2. Yeah it's good because you get glimpses of the person while they're moving around, so it's quite a challenge.