Monday, 17 October 2011

Some recent new (old) books

This one has some great cartoons by French modernist, it's pretty hard to find any info on a lot of these guys other than what is in the brief index. These are elegant little cartoons, no superfluous lines or words.
Jacques Dropy
This one is just signed 'Nicolas' and there doesn't seem to be any info about  them in the book, mysterious!
Rene Chag
Siné is one of my favourite cartoonists in the book AND you can even find info about him, in English even, on Wikipedia even!
Another scene by Siné
William Steig is now best known for creating the character Shrek (which the films were later based on) but he was a cartoonist and illustrator his entire life. The Lonely Ones is one of his earlier books of cartoons for adults (published 1942), each page has a singular figure, generally in some form of torment although not exclusively and a small caption. The style is pretty different to his later stuff, I prefer it but then again I'm on a modernist kick at the moment, such good brushy lines!
I can't express it.
Who are all the others?
Revenge is sweet


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    1. Hi,
      I like the look of your gallery, it's a pity my French isn't good enough to read it though!