Monday, 17 October 2011

A selection of treasure gleaned from far away places

A limited edition Lilli Carre screenprint from the San Francisco zine fest. This makes me so happy.

#1 and #3 of the Talamaroo comics by Alabaster, also from the SF zine fest

Raser Ma TĂȘte by Joe Villion from Le Petit Mignon, Berlin.

Raser Ma TĂȘte is all in German but it's pretty easy to follow what goes on. Printed in eye-popping highlighter orange and green.

Die Drei by Benedikt Ruger, also from Le Petit Mignon.

It's a wordless zine about planks of wood which have a existential crisis, top notch stuff and lovely wood textures.

EARTHBARF by Jangojim. Jangojim is Belgian but I met him at the SF zine fest. Volcanoes as the earth vomiting is a winning concept.

Showing off my model boats and white horses, neither of which are new. The anchor is new though, it's from Mystic Seaport, ooOOOoo.

This fellow twirls about too much to be of use for an actual corkscrew, but he is a fairly new acquisition, from the not-so-far away Grey Lynn.

Elvis clock with rockin pendulum legs from Memphis, Tennessee.

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