Sunday, 14 November 2010

Cryptid Factoring

Yikes! I'm to be interviewed on The Cryptid Factor this morning at around 10.45am-ish.,195095,
Tune in or be damned to spend the rest of your days hovering on the tenuous line between myth and reality. Or sleep through it if thats how you choose to Sunday.
To prove my worthiness for this prestegious radio show here are a few illustrations from my 2009 Cryptid Calendar. These paintings are now 2 years old, here are some which I don't find too cringingly amaturish.

Fear Laith Mor (Big Grey Man),Ben Macdhui, Cairngorm Range, Scotland.
This mysterious cryptid has been sighted on Ben Macdhui since the 1700's and is reputed to have paranormal powers. He can control the fog, sometimes appearing to climbers only as fog (albeit a fog which can make people and animals fearful to the point of suicide). He is approximately 6 meters tall, covered in grey hair and is sometimes reported to wear a top hat.
Howler Monkey Snake,
Amazon rainforest, north-east Brazil
This formidable cryptid is said to have the head of a Howler monkey on the bldy of a Boa Constrictor. It has a vociferous call, a venomous bite and, like a snake can swallow its victims whole, including the occasional human foolish enough to stray into its swampy territory.

Pacific and Arctic Oceans
Ningen is the Japanese word for human and is the name of a mermaid like sea serpent whose face, hands and arms resemble that of a person. Little is known about these mysterious cryptids and sightings are infrequent as they live deep in the ocean. Ningens are rumoured to grow to lengths of 20-30 meters. 

South Island, New Zealand.
The Waitoreke is an otter like cryptid which was reported by Maori and early colonialists in the South Island of New Zealand. It is about the size of a cat and has short brown fur, webbed feet and a wide, flat tail similarto a beaver or platypus. They are water dwelling creatures and are reported to make hive like huts.

Amazon rainforest, Brazil and Bolivia.
The Mapinguari resembles a sloth although instead of fur these cryptids have skin similar to that of a caiman. These remarkale creatures are carnivorous animals and have a secondary mouth on their bellies. The Mapinguari are bulletproof, exude a horrible odour and have been known to punnish hunters who violate religious holidays. 

Bahamas, Caribbean Sea.
The Luscra is a giant carnivorous octopus which is reputed to have a taste for humans and can grow up to 10 meters long. It has sharp shark like teeth and can change colour to camoflague itself to hide from oncoming prey. Luscras live in underwarter caves near warm, shallow bays and lagoons, and like all octopodes discharges ink when threatened or need to make a speedy getaway.

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