Thursday, 11 December 2014

New card designs!

I sometimes like to make some new designs before I order another batch of cards from the printer, these two are my latest offerings. I'll get them up on my etsy and felt stores soon!
The top one was inspired by my recent dinosaur in a helmet comic for Three Words, animals are funnier when wearing protective head gear. I used to ride carefree with the wind in my hair but these days I'm more scared of cracking my noggin (Auckland drivers are infamously terrible), so safety first is the message!
The bottom one I have nicknamed 'the cat's revenge'. If house cats swelled to megafauna size would they be friendly and remember all the pats and food we gave them? Or would they remember us laughing at their clumsy antics, when they fell off chairs or forgot that their tongues were hanging out. Or when we made them dance by holding their arms or put things on their heads when they were half asleep and then took photos of them.
Something to think about.

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