Sunday, 27 January 2013

Favours for friends

This week I've been working on some favours for friends, the princess painting is for my cousin's daughter's 5th birthday party, I think the last time I painted a princess was about 20 years ago.

And these beer labels are for a friend's wedding beer, he's part of the infamous 'Pervs' home brewery. The wedding is in a hall next to a library and is sort of library themed so I designed the beer labels to look like old Penguin book covers, and in doing so discovered the secret to making an accurate looking early Penguin rip-off: Gill Sans. I also found this template for later, 60s era Penguins which I didn't end up using but seems useful to know about.

Friday, 11 January 2013


I thought as an exercise I might painting my houseplants, I have quite a collection now. This one is a Calethea Zebrina, it lives in the bathroom next to the mirror. It's velvety stripy leaves are now sprinkled with tiny white spots from vigorous tooth-brushing.

Hi Hydrangeas

It's summer and these granny hats are blooming on roadsides everywhere. This one is for an absent friend.