Monday, 23 September 2013

Sorry we are out of space, filled up with plants

These are some of the paintings I'll be showing at the 'Sorry we are out of space' exhibition which is part of the Hamilton Fringe Festival. I've been getting pretty into painting plants recently, I'm interested in their physical forms, how you choose a pattern to follow, each one has it's own set of rules and I've also been thinking a lot about what is it that they contribute to a room, why is it appealing to keep plants indoors and where does the balance lie between it being pleasant to have some greenery around and it seeming like the wilderness is invading your house.
I've also been really enjoying using limited palettes (again), working more like a printmaker layering flat colour than a painter mixing colours to create tones, and using different papers, gouache is so opaque it can handle dark papers nooooo trouble.

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