Sunday, 31 March 2013


Here's my winter painting for the set of illustrations I'm working on.  We don't get snow here, only wind and rain. The colours are sort of ugly, not sure if they are good ugly or bad ugly though. My favourites from this one are the stressed mum and downcast granny. Also I wish I had that orange and black jacket in the top right hand corner.

Here it is in progress, I've been keeping cling film over my wet gouache, it dries out so quickly in this heat.


  1. Hey! Awesome work as usual. Don't you dare boast about the heat though, lady- nothing but freezing temperatures and rain/sleet/snow for weeks here in Scotland!

  2. Oh sorry! I was so annoyed that it didn't snow that winter I was up there, it held out until just after I left, grr. You'll be happy to know that the heat has died down a little, you can actually wear long pants (sorry - trousers) from 10am to 4pm without your legs boiling. Teaming them with shoes and socks might be pushing it though.