Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Cats in hats

 Some xmas presents

My sister's cat Ninja in a deerstalker. 
She likes crime novels.

My friend's cat Loulou, they've been having a bit of a battle with her at the moment because she keeps pissing in the corner of their room so I put her in Soviet style garb with the corner battlefield in the background. This cat has the best withering look ever.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Evidence painting

Well this is the only image of it which I have at the moment which makes it look kinda crappy but this is my painting which is for sale in the Audio Foundation's christmas show. I'll put up a better one as soon as I get one. The AF exhibition, Aura Emporium opens today at 5pm and there will be FREE organic sausages and feijoa wine so you should all come down even thought it's raining a bit, so what! Also there will be DJs and Karaoke Dick from 8pm.

Also for sale is all the copies I've made so far of my 'Evidence' zine, which is a companion piece to this painting. They're a steal at $5 a pop.