Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Cats in hats

 Some xmas presents

My sister's cat Ninja in a deerstalker. 
She likes crime novels.

My friend's cat Loulou, they've been having a bit of a battle with her at the moment because she keeps pissing in the corner of their room so I put her in Soviet style garb with the corner battlefield in the background. This cat has the best withering look ever.


  1. We love our Loulu painting, it's such a great likeness! I've hung it near the corner in question, hopefully it'll be like a talisman to keep her away from it...

  2. Oh thanks! I hope so too, I like thinking about how unamused she'd be at being dressed up.

  3. Sheesh! That LouLou painting is hilarious!! Love your work Sophie :-) See you in class next week! Melissa (http://anaheramoon.blogspot.co.nz/)

  4. I love your pictures of cats in deerstalkers. I have a blog called Marmaladecatdetective.com. The character is a big orange tomecat inspired by Sherlock Holmes. The art I have used is a big orange tom launching himself off the top of some shelves but I like your pics better. I guess sometimes to be a detective, you have to be a tom of action!