Tuesday, 2 March 2010

new old stuff- Hoopla

These little pieces were for a show at Seed Gallery, where I interned last year. The show was called Hoopla, we were each given 10 wooden hoops to make into some art. I would of liked to have done something more elaborate, like little dioramas or some such, but time and reimbursement from their sale prevented me. But at least 9 of them sold, woop. They're all gouache except for the bottom right. Here's the link to the exhibition... zing.
I'm currently working on another Seed Gallery project, House of Cards. They've given two playing cards to 26 artists to reinterpret, I've got the 8 of clubs and Jack of hearts and am working in watercolour this time. I get a pack of cards out of it and can sell my work for however much I like.

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