Thursday, 30 April 2009

El Lagarto

For ages I've been meaning to make a moneybox so on Sunday I finally sat down with some cardboard, selotape, glue, paper, a skewer, a thread spindle, spray adhesive, fleece, felt, weird velour from Thailand, tie dyed cotton, thread, needles and my trusty sewing machine and started work on this fellah. I have a bit of an alligator obsession at the moment. He's a bit wrinklier that what I would of liked, but given my measuring technique mostly relies upon estimating distances with my fingers its not too surprising.

He loves to chow down on currency and he's not fussy, he happily devoured pennies and pounds, australian dollars, a couple of thai bahts, some dryer tokens for the laundromat, obsolete nz currency as well as current cash too.

Not only that but he has a handy drawstring sphincter.

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