Friday, 27 April 2012

Sketchy characters

Here's a few from the sketchbook. I used to be part of a drawing group but we haven't met up in ages so I've taken to sketching from fashion blogs when I get the hankering to draw figures.

These ones are from a little closer to home, my cat Shorty.

This is her classic 'I'm shy / no photos please' pose

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The ever transforming White Lady

I've been reading about 'White Ladies' which are a sort of ghost archetype. They normally appear in rural areas and are associated with a local tragedy, but there are local varieties all around the world. This drawing is of a Norwegian White Lady (Den Hvite Dame), she threw herself off the Fredriksten Fortress after her lover got hit by a cannonball. She is said to appear at midnight and sometimes sort of waves to people.

This was my initial sketch which I teased out into a print design (below)

But my blue layer got held up in the screenprinting process so she's just one colour at the moment. I love screenprinting but aren't particularly good at it yet. 

 Then I decided she wasn't quite ghostly enough so lobbed off her feet, changed her dress and went back to trusty pencil.