Monday, 21 November 2011

More Greybeard!

These are my two latest illustrations for The Epic Adventures of Captain Greybeard, a 14 verse illustrated poem which I wrote some years ago and an sloooowly illustrating, got 9 verses to go. At the moment I'm really enjoying working on it, I just want to draw and draw and draw all day!!

Here's this one's verse, extra points for spotting the flea in the drawing!

"Well I've lived a good life", the moth reflected,
Said he to the flea "I'll keep you protected,
From that vile bully, the Captain Greybeard".
Just then on the horizon the Regal appeared.
"You're tiny" said the moth, "In the figurehead's eyes
There's a wee cranny, you'd just fit inside".
I'll tell him you went the same way as the fly,
And keep him distracted as you slip on by.
But if you survive promise me you'll transpose
A veracious account of this voyages woes".
Now before Greybeard sees you get under this cloth".
The flea whispered thanks to the big hearted moth.
Near to the ship Greybeard called "Ahoy there!
Ye thought ye all could just disappear?
"Heavens no!" cried the moth, "we just went on a trip,
We had every intention to come back to the ship".
"Get aboard" snarled Greybeard, "or I’ll give you the whip!"

Friday, 11 November 2011

Evidence zine

These are some images from a wee zine I'm making as a companion piece to a painting which is in the Audio Foundation's christmas show. The exhibition opens on Saturday the 3rd of December from 5-8pm and there will be a B.B.Q (!!) too. I forgot to take a pic of the painting before I sent it off but will put one up soon.