Sunday, 10 July 2011

Hildur Gudnadottir poster

Hildur Gudnadottir is a cellist from Iceland who Altmusic are bringing to NZ in August. I got asked to do the poster and am getting paid!! Boy I love the dollars.
Hildur's music is very beautiful and haunting, it sort of sounds like rusty bits of the hull of a shipwreck rubbing together from the motion of the tides so I thought it'd be appropriate to do an underwater themed poster. I'm really bummed out that I'm going to miss this show, here's some links to her stuff:

Lets get physical!

While I've been busy saving my clams for other climes shit has been getting real.
Radio as Paper #6 hit the streets last month and boy it is one hell of a classy publication. Here are some pics of the launch in Leipzig and here is a list of stockists 

Mossopolis the 7" by Nigel Wright is out now too, I don't have a proper picture of it yet but here's a pic of the printed covers to prove I'm not lying.
Ya'll can listen to Nigel's beautiful track on his bandcamp here.
Radio As Paper and Mossopolis are both available form the new Audio Foundation hub, at 4 Poynton tce, Newton, Auckland, NZ.