Friday, 29 October 2010

Bowls me overs

Here's my bowls for the Seed Gallery christmas show Bowl Me Over. They're only $80 each which is a BLOODY BARGIN!
Its was nice to get back into doing some oil painting, makes me feel like a proper artist.

MORE print designs

These top two are going to be gocco prints if everything goes well. Is it obvious that I've just discovered the joys of using screen tone? My friend and gocco aficionado Ms Millicent Crow is going to help me with printing them. Actually Ms Millicent is the figure in the drawing below, her feet aren't so pointy in real life though.

This one is going to become a A4 sized black and white screenprint. As my exhibition draws scarily close I've been searching through my old work for inspiration/material to fill the 16 or so meters of wall at The High Seas. I've never had a solo show before and a lot of the bits from the past haven't been exhibited before so I guess its ok. This drawing is from July last year but I gave it some touch ups using the magic of the ol' potatoshop.
At some point in time I might have a website where I can sell prints and whatnot, but until then (but only up to the 24th of December 2010) you'll just have to get them from your favourite shop in Auckland, The High Seas.

Thursday, 7 October 2010