Thursday, 30 July 2009

Wild Emily

This is a sketch I did at my weekly drawing group of Emily with some embellishments.

Some photoshop stuffs

Sometimes I just like to play around drawing stuff in photoshop. I like the naivety and shonkiness of the results.

This last image was a thank you card for a wireless mouse.

Zombie Résumé

These images were for a two layer screenprint I made for a zombie themed exhibition at Cross Street studios. The piece is called Zombie Résumé and grew out of an idea I had for a comic about an old man who uses zombies to run errands and carry out menial tasks for him. I thought the image of a zombie carrying things on his outstretched arms was kinda funny so wanted to keep that. I wanted to do a hobbies section (bowling and disemboweling) but ran out of space. I'll put up a pic of the finished print when I get around to taking a photo of it.

I have excellent customer service skills.

I have a high standard of personal grooming.

I am a team player and get on well with my co-workers.

I am also very good at carrying things.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009


I've been pretty busy this last month with organizing stuff for The High Seas, a new gallery/venue/bookshop/record shop of which I am co-director. Here are some posters I did for the first two events happening there.